Swimming (16-09-2016)

I have always hated summer I particularly loathed being on the beach. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun in the water while all I could do was watch. I hated that I could not swim. In Kenya swimming is not a  hobby as it is here in the Netherlands. Perhaps because the largest water body I knew of was the small stream a stone throw away from our home where we went to fetch water and that would be the closest I'd get to alot of water.
In February, I decided to join the adult swimming classes so as to fulfill my desire to swim while at the beach like everyone else. This however has it's own share of challenges as it's quite a task.  I however have the privilege of having a good instructor Bjorn Hendricks who has not only been helping with the lessons but has also been working on my self esteem and my level of confidence so as to learn more efficiently. Thanks coach!
I have made good progress and as always hardwork always pays. I was awarded swimming certificate A now on to the next level.
Better and stronger.