Shaken Not Fallen (30-11-2015)

I had been training for this race with zeal past few weeks. It was a tough 4.95km cross-country race dubbed Zandboscross in Deurne.  However I suffered a scare when I had an accident on Thursday, 26th November.
It was a morning like any other, and as a routine the kids and I were riding to school. Tragedy struck when my bicycle skidded on the slippery frozen road. I fell with a thud, hitting my head hard. What’s shocking is that I have no recollection whatsoever of whatever happened after that.
Beschreibung: C:\Users\sarah wambui kiai\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\DSC_0919-1.jpgWith just 3 days to the race, this was tragic. I was down in the dumps. My training was ruined. The headaches were agonizing. I suffered lightheadedness and my concentration was pathetic. My zeal for the race was slowly fading and at some point I wasn’t sure I wanted to take part in it anymore.
After a lot of soul-searching I decided to run; just for the sake of it. Run and forget whatever happens immediately after.

 The race was today; 29th November 2015. It was the only thing on my mind when I woke up. I peered outside and it was raining. I pictured the tough course and the claggy mud, but I was eager for the race.

At the Zandboscross, I warmed up as I always do. My focus was on the race and I was feeling ready to run. The terrain was unforgiving and the course as was tougher than I had envisioned it. However, in just 17.55 minutes after the start, I crossed the finish line in second place. It was a nerve racking experience