Second at Molenhoeks Makkie (18-10-2015)

While cycling from home to Molenhoek for my race, my daughter Alyn asked, “Mum, why you run?” It was a very unexpected question; completely out of the blue. I stole a glance at her and was met by a rather inquisitive look. “I run because I love running. It gives me much joy when I finish a race. Above all, I run because I love winning.”  
Looking at her, I could see the disappointment on her face; she wasn't quite satisfied with my answer. We rode on and inched closer to the start of the race. Her question kept bugging me though; WHY DO I RUN?

The Molenhoeks Makkie 5km race was competitive. I had a good start. I was ready to battle with the hills in the course. The uphill course was extremely exhausting and was taking toll on my legs. I only recovered as I cruised downhill. However, it was rather too late to close the gap between myself and the number one. I finished 2nd in I was happy with my race though!
Why do I run? 
I run because I am husky with ardor; the unwavering ambition to better my best. I run for what it represents; the ability to take on a challenge and beat the odds.  I run for competition; the one thing that fuels my ambition.  I run to be out; to experience dawn on an empty and watch the sun set on tired legs. I run to become stronger, so that the activities of daily life are less likely to wear me down; no walk is too long, no bag of groceries too heavy. I run to suffer, just enough to become better.