Christine Venhuizen

Name: Christine Venhuizen  
Weight: 48 kg  
Height: 1,58 meters  
Date of Birth: 21-6-1981  
Place of Birth: Nairobi, Kenya  
Nationality: Dutch  
Livingplace: Nijmegen, The Netherlands  
Status: Married and mother of Bj√∂rn (2003) and Alyn (2008)  
Club: Cifla  

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and brought up in a rural village in Birisha. Life in the countryside was a real struggle: I had to balance my schoolwork and numerous chores to assist my parents and my grandparents.

My education journey commenced at Birisha Primary School in Mweiga, which was 1 km from my village. I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 1998. The following year I was admitted to Gataragwa Girls Secondary School and after crunching numbers and mastering facts for four years I sat for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in 2001.

After my KCSE examination I moved to Nyahururu town and worked in Baron Hotel. It was in Nyahururu that I met my prince charming; Martijn Venhuizen. What started as a casual friendship would later culminate with me at the altar saying ‘I do!’. Together we are blessed with two gorgeous kids; Bjorn and Alyn.

My love for athletics was influenced by my husband who is a trainer and a coach. Heeding to his constant push, I finally started training in 2005 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. It started off as a hobby but after joining several races and winning some, I gradually fell in love with the sport.

In 2012 I joined Seven Hills Running Team. I trained with a group of young, talented athletes under the program of the deceased trainer Has van Cuijik who was more of a father than a trainer to me. He offered priceless motivation in my training. “Never give up in your race before you reach the finish line,” he always said. Since his tragic demise in 2014, I have been training under Martijn Venhuizen with an aim to better my personal best times in various distances. Has van Cuijk’s words remain forever engraved in my heart; “KEEP ON RUNNING!!”